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Interior decor ideas for small apartment balconies

Summer’s officially over in the UAE which means weekends are for beach bumming, picnics in the park, perusing outdoor markets and booking outdoor seating is a must when heading out to bars & restaurants:) On the home front, it’s also that time of the year when I schedule a deep-clean for my modest apartment balcony (dust layers so deep I basically have a mini-beach situation happening on the 25th floor!) and spruce it up for sundowners and maybe having friends over for pre-drinks before heading out.

So I’ve been scouring the interweb for a little inspiration. Living in a rental apartment, I’ve always deliberately kept the decor style of my balcony simple – some lanterns, a rug and outdoor poufs. These basics can easily be supplemented with additional accessories depending on my mood or any trends I’ve spotted. But most importantly, should I move apartments I can still make use of them.

Well I think it’s pretty clear from the image references above that I’m definitely leaning towards a certain style – muted natural tones of greys, black & white monochrome accents, layered textures and also storage friendly furniture. Only slight drawback is weather-proofing this style against the occasional sandstorm, a reality of living in this part of the world and also in an apartment building that neighbours a number of construction sites. Think annoying dust. Everyday. Arrgh. Still, I’m pretty excited to put something together and might share a few pics on my Instagram. xo!

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