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Stylish SIA artificial flowers now in Dubai

SIA flowersSo last month I’d written about how cacti & succulents got alot of interior styling attention on social media this year as what I like to call “the real MVP of low maintenance plants”. For those of us that haven’t quite tapped the art of keeping a plant alive – you can read the full post here. Today’s post though is a step up from that to zero maintenance levels – how do we feel about artificial flowers? Well I know that my longstanding impression of them was “fake” “looks really fake…& cheap” “euuwww no way”. Au contraire my friends, the quality of artificial flowers has long since evolved. So I found out at the recent launch event of Swedish artificial flowers brand SIA, now available in the UAE at furniture stores IDdesign and Chattels & More.

SIA flowers IDdesign UAE A brand I vaguely remember from when I lived in Sweden, I did a little bit of background research. “SIA” actually stands for the initials of its founder Sonja Ingegerd Andersson, who at the height of the Flower Power movement in the ’60s, began making flowers by hand in her kitchen in a small Swedish village from cut outs of silk tissue paper. Her creations quickly gained publicity in popular women’s magazine at the time like “Femina”, which meant business was so good she pretty much hired the whole village!

SIA flowers at IDdesign DubaiToday, SIA is a globally recognised brand for premium decorative flowers & interior accessories. The launch event was a mid-morning “Creativity in Bloom” workshop at IDdesign’s store branch in City Centre Mirdif shopping mall in Dubai, with an expert flower stylist demo’ing amazing floral arrangements for the festive season using SIA flowers. I must say on closer inspection the detailing on the artificial flower stems is so good they almost appear life like. Really, truly.

SIA flowers at IDdesign storesThe collection is beautifully setup like a flower shop inside the respective IDdesign and Chattels & More furniture stores, with a flower expert on hand to help customers out with stem selection and other accessories such as vases, scented candles, picture frames and event Christmas tree ornaments for the season. Definitely worth checking out. xo!

SIA flowers at IDdesign Dubai storeSIA scented candles at IDdesign Dubai stores SIA artificial flowers at IDdesign Dubai storesSIA flowers at IDdesign stores

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