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#INSTALOVE Rainy days in the city

Rainy days cityscape photoIn the five years I’ve been living in Dubai, I can’t believe I’m typing this but here goes. It’s been raining. It’s been raining ALOT. Seriously like not the pitiful 5mins worth drops of rain that render Dubaians (yes it’s a word) completely incapable of driving (although on a regular day it must be noted that there are many drivers out here who probably shouldn’t be driving at all). Those who know me know that I don’t do the heat very well yet over the years I’ve somehow ended up living in places with extraordinarily warm & extended summers – Namibia, Australia, India, Spain (Andalusian summers do not play games!) and ofcourse the United Arab Emirates. Anyway, so yes it’s been raining consistently, daily. And for hours on end. And I love it. So I thought why not post a top 5 playlist of tunes to play when it rains. Or rather, this is what I’ve had on repeat whilst enjoying this rain before the return of summer. :)

  1. John Legend ~ “Coming Home”
  2. Rick Ross ft John Legend ~ “Magnificent”
  3. Floetry – “SupaStar”
  4. Black Motion ft Nokwazi ~ “Imali”
  5. Dionne Farris ~ “Hopeless”

–En fin

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